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Endeavour Clubhouse

Who we are

Endeavour Mental Health Recovery Clubhouse is the initiative of the local Port Macquarie community

Endeavour Clubhouse opened its doors in Port Macquarie after 13 years of fund raising by the community. We have a purpose-designed and built facility at Hamilton Green.
Clubhouse assists people struggling with a mental illness to increase their social inclusiveness and participation in society. Studies have shown that Clubhouses improve employment outcomes, increase quality of life and wellbeing, reduce rates of hospitalisation and involvement in the criminal justice system.
Endeavour is the only psychosocial vocational program on the Mid North Coast providing members with a non-institutional service in a safe caring environment.
Endeavour Clubhouse is for adults who suffer from the social and vocational damage that mental health problems can cause. It is a voluntary program where participants are members not patients or clients. We believe that every member has a contribution to make and the Endeavour model relies on members’ talents, skills and strengths in order to function.
Endeavour is a place to interact, learn and regain confidence by being an active productive member. Every member is encouraged to contribute to the functioning of the club and members work together to achieve this. Our philosophy is to create an environment where all activities are satisfying and productive and to assist members to achieve individual vocational and social goals.
Endeavour Clubhouse is a community based program. Our building was ten years in the making and we have been operational now for five years. We are open four days per week and have over 300 members registered.